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My covid Story

There are lots of opportunities out there to make money online. I have never paid attention to most of them in the past. I have always dedicated my time to my job, focussing more on the things I felt mattered. Was okay with my regular 9–5 job as I was able to carter for my immediate needs. Yes, I was leaving a comfortable life, although I didn’t have much in savings or investments I was contented with what I had.

I had to take a review of my life during the lockdown. My pay was slashed by 50%. That was really devastating. Was making all forms of calculations in my head on how to get even. I was not sure how life would be the same again with a 50% reduction in my earnings. How am I going to navigate my current situation?

As this was not enough, my sister has just lost her job and I needed to come through for her also. She was a single mom of one. In the midst of all these. I decided to leave my thoughts and do something to cheer myself up. I went to tik tok for some funny videos to take away the stress, could not get anything nice to take my mind off my current situation. I decided to head to YouTube to watch some videos. Some funny pet videos seemed to do the magic. There was this particular video of a cute but silly dog.

Was enjoying the video of the cute dog before this annoying ad popped up. I was really pissed and could not wait to exit the ad. The few seconds I had to wait for the skip button to appear seemed like an eternity. Finally, the nasty ad was out of the way, I can now return to my place of bliss.

I continued with my funny videos for sometime before I was jolted back to reality by the buzzing of my phone. It was my sister calling. Although she was just calling to check up on me. “Hi Jane, how are you doing”, and how is Simon?” I asked. After our conversation, I became depressed and decided to see if I can get any recommendations online on what I can do. Luckily for me, a page was already up with all the information on how I can earn some cash during the pandemic. This is the link that was up. I was blown by the information there. What also wowed me was that it was something different, not the regular website or landing pages, you can have a look at the link here I was kind of skeptical at first but decided to give it a try as there was nothing to lose. Had my salary already slashed by 50% and I needed to be there for my sister.

I was amazed by the cost of the product, I asked myself why a product that teaches me how to make money online would want to charge so much. I felt it was another scammer out there trying to take advantage of the covid lockdown to prey on vulnerable individuals. Talked to my sister about it and she asked for the link. She went through the link and looked up the seller of the course on google. It was a guy named John Crestani. She showed me interviews with CNN and some other news stations. Also, there was a publication in Forbes magazine about him. This was what convinced my sister that I needed to give this a try. Listened to my sister and decided to give it a shot. Best decision I ever made. The money-back-guarantee was all the convincing I needed for me to invest almost a thousand dollars in this course. One of the best investments I made in awhile. Am still reaping the benefits. That was my journey to making money online from home.

Decided to give it a try, it started out slowly. Just like every other make money online scheme, I have tried but over a month nothing to show. Became frustrated, wondered why the videos on youtube made it so easy as if it was instant. Never the less continued for about a month.

Due to the restrictions of the lockdown, my sister decided to move in temporarily with me. I was playing with my little niece when I noticed an email notification on my pc. Felt it was another newsletter, decided to check it later. Received another notification about 23 minutes after the first notification and to my greatest surprise, it was not just a random newsletter but a sales notification. One for $400 and another for $310. I was overjoyed as I could see the rewards for my hard work. This was all the motivation I needed. I put in more effort and the more effort I put, the more frequent the payment notifications became.

I got to understand that the first two months were more about setting up and the right foundation. My self-confidence was activated when I got the first payment alert. I received payment notification for the next two days before it stopped. The next alert was in about 9 days and ever since then, it’s been amazing. The earning has been steady although the volume is not static. Some days it’s a hundred dollars other days it might be as high as $700 daily. I even made up to $1500 in a day, but that has happened only twice and I hope it would become my reality very soon.

I can bodly say that the more work I put in, the better the reward over time. If you want to make money online, You can check out the course and see if it’s something you wish to try out. Here is the link

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